Subscribing to a community supported enterprise model, like a bread share, is one way of ensuring local small businesses can thrive in your region. The bread share provides the Elora Bread Trading Co. with upfront capital and guaranteed production, while providing you, the consumer, a guaranteed loaf of great-tasting handcrafted bread at discounted prices. We call that a win-win.


Use this order form to subscribe to our Bread Share. Pay in advance and get a discounted price on a guaranteed weekly loaf of artisanal bread. Pick up is every Wednesday by 6pm starting January 7, 2015. Payment is due in full on first day of pick up. Please notify us in advance if you are unable to pick up your bread. Replacements will not be offered on alternative days unless given 24 hours notice.

Start dates are as follows:
The bread share runs every Wednesday for 12 weeks starting January 7, 2015 and ending April 8, 2015. Please note, there will be no bread share pick up January 28th or February 4th due to bakery closure. Please sign up and choose your bread options below. You can find descriptions of all of the breads at http://elorabread.ca/#ourbreads

Going away? Need to postpone a week?
We understand that life might come between you and your Wednesday Bread Share pick-up. Just let us know 48 hours in advance that you won't be able to pick up your loaf, and we'll reserve your loaf for you for another day or extend your share for an extra week!


For general inquiries or wholesale orders: hello@elorabread.ca
For information regarding the Ontario Bread Bakers Guild: calantha@elorabread.ca
For catering inquiries: sonia@elorabread.ca

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